Build a Click Funnel with WordPress for free

A WordPress Clickfunnel for free? Before you go on... A polite notice. This website is being built as the course progresses. Everything you see works(as built on the course), but expect it to change as the course goes through step by step!

And because the opt-in form below is part of the course, you don't need to optin!!!
Skip this click funnel and go straight to how you can save $$$ every month

Do you want a Click Funnel?
But can't afford the $$$ every month?

This page (and website) were all created exactly like this!
Skip the opt-in and go straight to how you can save $$$ every month.

Then learn how to create it for FREE with WordPress!

Create a brand new WordPress clickfunnel, or add to your existing WordPress website.

With all the features that others charge you $$$ for every month!

Because you can learn how right now, and be shown every single step in detail.

Total control - Total benefit - Total profit.

Get all the following:

  • Opt-in form for name and email address
  • Mailing list integration
  • Lead magnets
  • Download and/or Voucher page
  • Up-selling (down-selling, etc) page
  • Take payments securely
  • Social media sharing
  • Pop-ups on exit intent (when they try to leave)
  • Link to Woocommerce products if you want
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Full Search Engine Optimisation & Open Graph
  • Looks really awesomely great!
  • And much more...!
BONUS! Can I email you a guide on what a click funnel is, and how it converts visitors to customers (or whatever you want)? Where should I send it?

Get Started Now!

And yes, you can build a WordPress Clickfunnel - for FREE!

All the features listed above - and many more are coming your way.
So whether it's a basic WordPress clickfunnel or has all the bells and whistles,
you will have the power in your hands! And head...!

Signature of Simon Goodchild who will show you how to build a WordPress clickfunnel for free