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What is the course?

It's all the steps you need, from the very first to the very last, on how to create your click funnel in WordPress for free. Nothing I use will cost you a penny/dime/buck/banana.

Simon Goodchild

  WordPress setup
  Page design (point and click designer)
  Opt-in Form
  Mailing List
  Welcome email
  Sequence of follow up emails <<< this is awesome!
  Thank You page
  Lead magnets (hosting them, etc)
  Download page
  Up-selling (down-selling, etc) page
  Take payments securely
  Social media sharing
  Pop-ups on exit intent (when they try to leave)
  Link to WooCommerce products if you want
  Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  Full Search Engine Optimisation & Facebook OG
  Membership area (just like this course, here!)